Whose Turn To Pay?

Welcome to the home of 'Whose Turn To Pay?'! Here you will find information on how to use the app, its features and if you need it, where to get help.

Where to get 'Whose Turn To Pay?'

The app is available on the Apple App Store. click on the App Store icon to the right.


See event history under the details of an event:

How Syncing works

You can sync between two iPhone's or iPad's by being on the same WiFi network or when both devices are not connected to a network. Events matching your email address (configured on the Help screen) will be sync'd. Make sure your name and email are set (and whom ever you are syncing to has theirs set also)! Click the sync button (3 people in a circle) and you will be prompted for which device to sync to. They will then be prompted to accept the invitation to sync as shown below. You can see how many free sync's you have left on the Help screen.

Alternative/Creative Uses

Some folks are using 'Whose Turn To Pay?' in different ways, E.G. Use it to:

Suggestions we've had and are on the roadmap

Questions, Feedback and Support

Thank you for using 'Whose Turn To Pay?'. Please email all feedback, suggestions or bug reports with as much detail as you can provide to:


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