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Timeline Presenter V1.5

Looking for the Sequence Toolkit? Visit the Sequence Toolkit Home. The following provides information about Timeline Presenter.

About Timeline Presenter

Timeline Presenter is an application which turns a Microsoft Project Plan into a Timeline. It was born out of a lack of simple tools to generate a Timeline on the PC based on the finish dates in a project.

Timeline Presenter Features:

  • Other features!
    • Merge up to 5 projects in to one timeline
    • Save a timeline as an image (PNG)
    • Show resources on a timeline (set in Display Settings)
    • Present a timeline by clicking through each entry
    • Step forward or back in timeline. (Use arrow keys, space/backspace or mouse buttons), and Fullscreen!
    • Filter tasks based on task level
    • Set different line/text colours per timeline
    • Build timeline based on preset or custom date ranges
    • View a timeline in daily, weekly, monthly or yearly units
    • Saves configuration on a per user basis - files/fonts/text/line color settings preserved!
    • Customise timeline font
    • Display Task End and Shaded Start/End Range
    • Milestones in bold, Estimated tasks in Italics
    • Items listed in date order on the same week/month etc.
    • Print a timeline (1 Page)

Timeline Presenter can be downloaded in trial form (using the link above).
The following constraints exist in the trial:
  • Maximum of 30 entries allowed
  • Task Level Filtering Disabled
  • Printing Disabled
  • Presenting Disabled

Current developments

  • Improved Large Timeline Handling: Rendering only draws whats needed, not the whole image every time.
  • Improved Busy Pointer feedback
  • Date low/high field selection for delimited files
  • Now recognizes date format "DAY MMM DD HH:MM:SS YYYY"
  • 1.6 beta 1

Future Enhancements

  • Additional Graphical Customisation
    • Different Fonts for Items, Timescales etc
    • Different Layouts for timelines (entries below x axis, mirrored views, overlapping themes)
    • Optimized bitmap handling for faster display
  • Mouse wheel/hot key support to scroll bitmap
  • Fit to Window with Auto Task Leveling
  • Multi-page Printing
  • Add a batch mode to save images automatically
Timeline Presenter : $50.00

Timeline Presenter Download - SoftwareArray.com

February 2011

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